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A 4-year-old girl killed by her father for “not wearing dupatta on her head”


Jaffar Hussain

A father kills his 4-year-old daughter because she did not cover her head with duppata. (Head covering)

According to details, the incident took place in an Indian village near Bareilly in Utter Pradesh state. Purportedly, the incident occurred on Friday, October 2 when the victim identified as Farheen was with her mother having meal at noon. The alleged murderer, Jaffar Hussain who was the father of the girl, got infuriated and killed her by smacking her on the ground repeatedly until the girl died. Jaffar Hussain killed her because her dupatta had slipped off her head while she was eating.

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An FIR was lodged by Farheen’s mother who told the police that Jaffar Hussain murdered Farheen in front of entire family. She added that when she tried to rescue her daughter from his hands, Jaffar bashed her up. She further told the police that when Fraheen died, Jaffar Hussain asked her to burry the girl’s dead body somewhere in the house, nonetheless, she refused and informed the police about the incident. Superintendent of police BK Srivastav has confirmed that “Police have arrested the father for killing his daughter and we are questioning him about the incident.”

However, local villagers and neighbours have testified that Jaffar Hussain was “mentally unstable man,” he lived in the house with his wife and four children. The neighbours and his acquaintances revealed that Jaffar Hussain was a religious fanatic who had cut off all contacts with his relatives. They revealed that Jaffar Hussain followed Islam radically.

Neighbours further revealed that Jaffar Hussain is a poor man and the family lives below the line, so much so that food was not available on daily basis to this family. Jaffar Hussain eldest boy is 5-year-old, while the youngest is ten months old. The neighbours told that they did not enter the house until police arrived.