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A 7-Year-Old Kidnapped As A Revenge From His Grandfather Smuggled To Afghanistan


a 7 year old boy kidnapped

PESHAWAR: A 7-year-old boy fell victim to a revenge kidnapping by a family friend.

According to details, the 7-year-old victim rashid was kidnapped from Faqirabad. His father Niaz a labourer and his wife later learnt that the abductor was an Afghan refugee and a family friend who demanded Rs3.2 million in cash and two girls as ransom for their kidnapped son.

His family discovered that there son was trafficked and held in Khost, Afghanistan. Nazir, father of kidnapped child told the Express Tribune that: “The abductor goes by the name Muhammad, he is an Afghan refugee from Khost; yet he has a Pakistani CNIC from Waziristan. The accused is a friend of my father Sahib Zaman.”

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Sahib Zaman the grandfather of kidnapped boy says, “After Osman was taken, we went to Sadda in Kurram Agency where Muhammad is well known. We hired a vehicle for Rs 8,000 for a return trip and reached Sadda,” adding “We requested the police to arrest Muhammad’s two relatives as they might be the one hope to get my grandson back.”

The local police official said, “These two accused were nephews of Muhammad and they blamed everything on their uncle. They said their uncle, with the help of Sahib Zaman, victim’s grandfather, purchased girls from IDPs in the name of marriage and then sold them to people in Punjab and Afghanistan.”

Another police official confirmed that both the kidnapper and Zaman, the kidnapped boy’s grandfather were part of a gang involved in child trafficking. He said they mainly bought the girls from IDPs and sold them in Punjab to rich men.

“Yes Zaman’s grandson, who is only a child, is a surely victim of his grandfather’s wrong doings but since he has been shifted to Afghanistan, the police cannot help his family,” he added.