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A Bangladeshi convert to Christianity brutally killed by ISIS


ISIS in Bangladesh

Terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility of killing of a Bangladeshi pastor who had converted to Christianity.

65-year-old, Pastor Hussain Ali was murdered by ISIS terrorists for converting to Christianity. Hussain Ali had embraced Christianity in 1999. After his conversion he was actively preaching the Gospel of Christ in the area and had converted people to Christianity.

In the midst of various similar reasons the motive of the targeting was that, “Pastor Ali came to Christ and was leading a small fellowship in his district. When he started connecting with Muslims and then they, in fact, converted and started attending church, then the pressure started coming down.”

Noting the reasons of Pastor Hussain’ murder Peter Mazumder from Asian Access said, “He converted two other neighboring families, and as their church is a kilometer far from their place, he started a house church at his own residence about two years before.”

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Recently, the terror group has claimed responsibilities of various attacks on converts to Christianity. “The church partners are hearing reports of similar kinds of things almost daily, and so he pleaded with us to pray,” a representative of Asian Access said.

While remarking about the current situation which the pastors and converts to Christianity have to face in Bangladesh, the Asian Access representative further said, “We have made an effort to try to come alongside and build, within the context of our ministry, supporting these pastors, sponsoring them in such a way that they can receive the kind of help that they need in the midst of crisis and terror that they’re facing.”

The plight of converts to Christianity is a disturbing issue especially owing to the fact that in majority of the Islamic nations, a change of faith is considered “apostasy.” A change of religion for Muslims makes people like Pastor Hussain Ali targets of the extremists. Often times the converts take up the task of sharing the hope of the Gospel with full commitment and passion.

“So in the midst of that, the Church is trying to rally. You have got these church-planting movements, that are happening. The pastors that are growing in these networks and then the more mature ones, like the folks that are working with Asian Access, do all they can to try to help encourage or strengthen the Church,” Asian Access representative said.