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A blasphemy accused needs long haul assistance for survival says Advocate Sardar Mushtaq


In the face of rising trend of Pakistani citizens getting ensnared by the blasphemy law, a Christian human rights defender calls for considerate defenders need to step forward and administer a long term care and assistance in order to ensure their survival in the zealot society.

Pakistani Christians accused of blasphemy

In this regard, Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a Christian advocate has urged that all those who are of earnestly seeking to defend the marginalized section of our society from the noose of blasphemy laws should push on as there are many who are in need of a long term assistance.

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“It is the fact that for their survival a long term assistance is needed to be provided for their rescue mission if the right of life to be assured for the blasphemy victims and for this the committed defenders come forward for their defense,” said Sardar Mushtaq Gill.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill heads, a Christian advocacy group Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) explained that a surefire peril is accompanied by the blasphemy accusations. He said that he knows of many instances when there were remarkable situations when the threats were on the higher side. For example, he referred to the blasphemy law related assassination of two high profile political figures, one of them was a Christian. Extrajudicial killings of the accused, their defense lawyers and the judges is not a foreign phenomenon in the country, he said.

Advocate Sardar Mushtaq clarified that he has been imperiled, as a defense counsel of the blasphemy respondents. He said that he has been attacked several time, harassed, intimidated; the extremists did not even spare his family. The row continues he said which prevents one to go all out mentally and physically he said, but in the face of the jeopardy one has to carry on with perseverance and defend the victims from mostly fabricated blasphemy accusations.

“We at LEAD request you all to stand and to raise your voice and to pray for the victims and their defenders because without prayers we do nothing to assist them in the time of need and their sufferings,” he pleads.