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A Blasphemy Accused Remains Hidding While His Brother Booked By Police


WAZIRABAD:  A fuming mob beats a Christian man for using pages containing Islamic text even after he received forgiveness from his accusers.

Wazirabad: A mob beat a Christian vendor
Wazirabad: A mob beat a Christian vendor


An uneducated trader was beaten by an agitated mob for accidentally using pages that contained Koranic verses despite the fact that he received “forgiveness” from his accusers. Notwithstanding pressure from the local Islamic clerics, the complainant filed a blasphemy case against the Christian anyway.


In excess of 20 incensed men brutally beat Tariq Masih after realizing,” fireworks bought from him were encased with pages from a children’s instructional book on Islam containing verses of the Koran.” Even if Tariq Masih is unable to read or write and was ignorant of the verses, he therefore apologized to those who beat him. Khurram Shahzad, the complainant who had purchased the fireworks, pardoned Tariq Masih. However, Khurram Shahzad told that,” A day after we beat Tariq Masih “for desecrating our holy book, I spoke of the incident with the prayer leader of my mosque, Mullah Sherazi, who told me that a “blasphemer” should be sternly punished for his “crime.”


“I registered the case against Tariq Masih and his brother on the directions of Mullah Sherazi and prayer leaders of three other mosques of the area,” Shahzad said. He also added, “We would have thrashed him more had our elders not stopped us. Tariq Masih admitted before us that he had used the holy pages and sought forgiveness. He even promised us that he would not make the fireworks again.”


Tariq Masih on the other hand has gone into hiding since the incident; while the police have arrested his brother, Arif Masih, with the intention of keeping Muslims’ anger from turning fierce thus pressurizing the escapee to hand himself over to police, authorities confirmed.


Attorney Salvance Jacob told a First Information Report (No. 533/13) under the penal code’s Section 295-B, was registered on Oct. 29 against Tariq Masih and his brother Arif Masih. Both of the alleged blasphemers are residents of Thattha Faqirullah in Wazirabad, Gujranwala. Attorney Jacob said,” Tariq Masih was employed at a local crockery manufacturer and also made fireworks at his home. Khurram Shahzad the complainant is also of Thattha Faqirullah, bought some fireworks from Tariq on Oct. 27 for a friend’s wedding.”


The police have also told us that they have put his name on the exit control list at all airports, and he will not be able to leave Pakistan,” Khurram Shahzad said. “His punishment will be an example to all those who dare insult Islam and our holy book.” Sub-Inspector Maqsood Alam told that police arrested Arif Masih on Oct. 29 to prevent the situation from getting out of control. “Arif Masih was taken into custody as he is a co-accused in manufacturing of the fireworks. He has now been sent to Gujranwala District Jail on judicial remand. We are making efforts to arrest Tariq Masih as it is vital to resolve the issue amicably.”

 Even though the matter had previously been peacefully resolved before registration of the blasphemy case, Sub-Inspector Alam stated. “We have been urging both sides to maintain peace to avoid recurrence of the Joseph Colony arson incident,” Alam said.