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A Boko Haram Leader Tortured A Christian Girl For Worshipping Three Gods



Persecuted Nigerian girl
Persecuted Nigerian girl

According to media reports. Christian girl in Nigeria was asked by  a jihadist leader from Boko Haram that she worshipped three gods — an attempt to misinterpret  the Holy Trinity — and when the girl objected to this slanderous claim, the jihadist tied her neck with a rope and beat her until she passed out. The girl is now free from captivity, and explained the story:

I was dragged to the camp leader who told me the reason I was brought to the camp was because we Christians worship three gods. When I objected to his claim, he tied a rope around my neck and beat me with a plastic cable until I almost passed out. An insurgent who I recognised from my village convinced me to accept Islam lest I should be killed. So I agreed.