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A brave Pastor who continues to spread the Word of God in Baghdad attacked by opponents


Christians in Baghdad

An Iraqi Christian pastor and one of his deacons barely escape death in Baghdad.

According to media reports, Pastor Maher Fouad of New Testament Baptist Church in Baghdad and his deacons are courageously spreading the Word of God in Baghdad which is stricken by violence.

Death threats are not new to Pastor Fouad and his churchmen, as he has daringly runs a Christian radio station in Baghdad since a decade and prays and shares the Christian gospel along with Bible teachings on air.

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Seeing there active engagement in evangelism, they have been receiving death threats from quite some time now, they are no strangers to life-threatening situations.

It was reportedly Pastor Fouad and his deacon narrowly escaped death of late when as they were travelling to get there church bus repaired at a local garage in Baghdad. A bomb purportedly exploded just moments after they exited the building.

The incident is an effort from those who oppose spreading of Gospel of Christ in Iraq. They are hurling death threats at Pastor Fouad and his allies in an effort to prevent them form spreading the Word of God. However, Pastor Fouad is still eager to live in dire situations for the sake of his ministry work.

Iraqi Christian radio station 102.9 FM reported, “On Tuesday our Baghdad church bus broke down and needed a spare part. Pastor Maher Fouad and a deacon from the church went to a garage to fix it. The mechanic told Maher that he doesn’t have the part and directed him to another garage.”

Details have it that Pastor Fouad drove the bus out of the garage and into the street when suddenly a bomb went off inside the garage moments after the church bus left, as a result the mechanic was killed and one other individual who was in another vehicle travelling behind the bus.