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A brief overview of persecutions of Christians in colonial subcontinent


The intensifying conflicts between Christians and Muslims in the region are not new to the scene, finding their traces in the bygone Indian era.

The relationship between Christians and other religious nations in the subcontinent was sporadically unstable. With the initiation of the European colonialism in India; from 16th century all the way through to the 18th century Christians were every so often persecuted in the Muslim monarchies in India.


Amid the anti-Christians proceedings by the Muslims, an underlined incidence is that of the persecution of Christians carried out by Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan – the ruler of the kingdomof Mysorewas far and wide recognized as an anti-Christian. He executed severe afflictions to the Mangalorean Catholic community from Mangalore in the South Canara district on the southwestern coast of India.  The captivity of the Mangalorean Christians at Seringapatam was carried out on 24th February 1784, which lasted till 4th May 1799. According to the transcription of the Bakur Manuscripts, Tipu Sultan said, “All Musalmans should unite together, considering the annihilation of infidels as a sacred duty, and labor to the utmost of their power, to accomplish that subject.” Soon after his control on the Canara region he ordered to clutch Christians in that constituency, and to confiscate their assets. In addition destruction of 27 Churches was carried out on his orders. According to James Scurry, a British officer, who was confined along with the Mangalorean Catholics, 30,000 of them were forced to adapt Islam. The young women and girls were forcibly given in marriage to the Muslims living there. The young men who resisted were blemished by cutting their noses, upper lips, and ears.


An overview of the history confirms definite persecution of Christians of these regions by the hands of Muslim rulers of the Indian history.  In contemporary times, this persecution of Christians continues with some alterations but Christianity has survived. This region has witnessed a massive spread of Christianity despite customary maltreatment. Conversely the persecution of Christians is still carried out in modern-day India and Pakistan,were India is notoriously known to be a haven to anti-Christian forces which recurrently tyrannize Christians and Pakistan on the other hand ranks 14th in the list of countries which are most hostile towards Christianity.