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A Budding Singing “Prodigy” – Alycia Dias

Alycia Dias - a noted playback singer for Urdu drama serials
Alycia Dias – a noted playback singer for Urdu drama serials

Alycia Dias is a Pakistani Christian singer, a distinguished and recognized playback singer in Urdu drama serials. She was born on 4th of November 1992 in Karachi, Pakistan. She began her singing career by participating in LG Awaaz Banaye Star when she reached the semi-finals at the age of 17 only. She made her debut as a lead vocalist playback singer with a song from the 2013 Turkish drama “Noor” dubbed in Urdu. Alycia won Hum Award for Best Original Soundtrack for her super hit song “Dil-e-Muztar” for Hum TV serial Dil e Muztar. This was the song that won her fame and honour both at national and international levels. This Karachi based singing marvel is a versatile singer, while performing she shows a wunderkind and apt command over “sur.”

In 2012, she sang “Tum Hi Ho” and “Aag” while performing with “The Milestones.” That same year she made her solo debut with “Noor” as a playback singer for a Turkish drama serial “Noor” dubbed in Urdu. She sang “Yeh Tamam Zindagi Daagh Hai” for Urdu drama serial “Daagh” for ARY Digital channel. In 2013, she sung “Yahan Zindagi Bhi Fareb Hai” for another Turkish drama serial “Fareb” that was dubbed in Urdu and aired on Express Entertainment. She went on to sing “Choti si Nanhi si” for Urdu drama serial “Nanhi” aired on Geo TV.

Alycia while performing
Alycia while performing

However it was in 2013, that her super hit song “Dil e Muztar” for Urdu drama serial “Dil e Muztar” which was aired on Hum TV became a smashing hit and brought her great appreciation and acknowledgement. She won Hum Award for Best Original Soundtrack for “Dil-e-Muztar.” The same year she sang “Kankar” for Urdu drama serial “Kankar” aired on Hum TV. Her other songs include “Intikam” for “Intikam” a Turkish drama serial dubbed in Urdu aired at Geo Kahani. “Rishte Kuch Adhore Se” for Urdu drama serial “Rishte Kuch Adhore Se” aired at Hum TV. “Pachtawa” for Urdu drama serial “Pachtawa” aired on ARY Digital. In 2014, she sang “Agar Shukk Dil Mein Ajaye” for “Shukk” aired on ARY Digital. “Sari Bhool Humari Thi” for Urdu drama serial “Sari Bhool Humari Thi” aired on Geo TV. “Kiya Hua…Jo Choota Teyra Pyaar” for a Turkish drama serial “Iffet” also dubbed in Urdu, currently being aired at Geo Kahani. “Jahan Ara ” for Urdu drama serial “Jahan Ara” for ARY Zindagi. “Sher-e-Ajanabi ” for Urdu drama serial “Sher-e-Ajanabi” for A-Plus Entertainment channel. “Hasti Hasati Subha” for The Morning Show aired at ARY News. “Kholo” for Master Chef Pakistan which was aired at Urdu 1. “Ishq Barra Beymaan Hai” for “Ishq” another Turkish drama serial dubbed in Urdu for Urdu “Woh Bhi Bus Chup Rehti Thi” for Urdu drama serial “Chup Raho” currently being aired at ARY Digital.

Performing at a concert
Performing at a concert

As a young rising melodious stunner, Alycia continues to render her soulful voice to many other songs, we sih her all the best and pray for her great success. Here’s a brief inerview of her:

What she says about herself
I am currently studying at the moment. I’m a singer as well. I am generally a playback singer who has done numerous Pakistani drama OST’s. The most famous ones are Dil e muztar, Kankar, Noor, Daagh and Inteqaam.
Her take on OST Dil-e-Muztar
Well I never expected people would love it so much. I am basically known because of that song. It was a great experience singing it and of course thanking Waqar Ali for giving me the opportunity to sing it.
Alycia talks about her inspirations
I always loved singing. I belong to a family of musicians. My dad is a lead guitarist himself. I guess it’s in my genes. But yes my dad, my aunt and most of all Celine Dion inspired me.
Where she sees herself in Pakistani music industry
Among the stars. That’s where I want to be.
Her upcoming projects are:
Yes there are a couple of OST’s that will be coming out soon. I recently did my first solo concert the second day turn out was really good.
Alycia’s message to all Christians in Pakistan, especially to girls
Merry Christmas to everyone in advance! Well for Christians be strong and positive. As for the girls, the same. It’s a rough world but one should not just look at the bad things around but should make the most of good things too. Love and respect your parents.

Young singing sensation-Alycia Dias
Young singing sensation-Alycia Dias