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A Canadian Missionary Strives to save an Imperiled Pakistani Evangelist and his family


 A Canadian missionary, Breanna Vidal to facilitate an anguished Pakistani Evangelist and his wife.

Breanna Vidal, from Meadow Lake Evangelical Free Church,Canada considers this a “Call” from God to help this jeopardized family. She learned about Pastor Naveed from a website, which triggered her to search the matter in detail. Once convinced, the story to be credible she began to endeavor for assisting this Christian family in Pakistan. She unveiled her intent to her Church in a Church meeting.

Elucidating the matter of Pastor Naveed she told her Church congregation that Pastor Naveed has been engaged in Evangelism in Pakistan. He taught Scriptures at a local Sunday school, where he met a Muslim girl. Pastor Naveed preached the Gospel to her thereafter she accepted Christ and married Pastor Naveed subsequently. In Pakistan conversion from Islam to any other religion is awarded by death penalty. For the reason that Pastor Naveed’s wife embraced Christianity, her Muslim family has put up a lot of enmity towards them. The situation becomes worse when Muslim community recognizes somebody to be a convert from Islam to other religions. This distressed family has survived two assaults already and have been on the run since seeking to hide from their opponents. The family is under the protection of some influential individuals of the Christian community of Pakistan.


She goes on to reveal that Pastor Naveed has been recently denied a visit visa by the Canadian embassy.  “I’m the least likely person that would do something like this. I don’t really know anything aboutPakistan. I can’t go shopping without thinking of the fact that there is a Christian person across the world that can’t go shopping. They live day-to-day,” she uncovered her feelings. As Breanna Vidal continues to strive to bring Pastor Naveed and his family over to Canada, fund raiser has been organized at the Meadow Lake Evangelical Free Church to assist Pastor Naveed to make both ends meet.