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A Case Filed Against Police For Allegedly Murdering A Christian Boy


LAHORE: A case filed against the Police; allegedly accused for torturing a Christian detainee to death.



Christians in Pakistan protest
Christians in Pakistan protest


A Christian boy, Adnan Masih 18 years of age, allegedly tortured to death by the police while in Police custody. Adnan resident of Sahraq Pur Sharif-Punjab was booked by the police on 4th of June, 2013; over abduction charges. He was suspected to have been involved in the kidnapping of a local Muslim girl. The girl went missing from her husband’s house; her parents filed an FIR against unknown abductors. Consequently, the police hooked several young men of the locality including Adnan Masih. However, the evidences give no real indication of any possible connection of Adnan with the missing girl.



Later on, most of the detainees were released while Adnan was kept in police custody despite lack of any substantial evidence against him. The police obtained mobile phone calls record of Adnan and the missing girl; from the respective Cellular companies. Nonetheless, the police failed to establish any connection between the two.



Allegedly, the police make Adnan confess the crime forcibly; by making him undergo severe and brutal torture in the lock up. According to sources, Adnan was subjected to relentless torture for six day when eventually he passed away in the police custody. The Police beat his head with an iron rod, cut him with a sharp knife, broke his legs and pulled the nails out of his fingers and toes. After surviving six days of ordeal, the police struck a final blow, by breaking his neck. After he died, his dead body was hanged in the bathroom; police claimed that he had committed suicide.




This incidence was brought into the notice of CLASS; a legal Christian organization in Pakistan which immediately dispatched a team to the scene where they encountered an infuriated mob of Christians protesting at the main road. The CLASS team later succeeded in getting an FIR filed against the allegedly responsible police officers.




His funeral took place on 11th of June, 2013; after a post-mortem had been carried out. He was working as an air-conditioning and fridge mechanic in Lahore. While his father retired from the post of Head Master from a local school.