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A Christian Accused of Blasphemy Acquitted of Blasphemy Charges


SANGLA HILL:  An incredible escape from death, a blasphemy accused acquitted from blasphemy charges. 


Pakistani Court drops blasphemy charges against a Christian man
Pakistani Court drops blasphemy charges against a Christian man


In accordance with the details, this is just another atypical end to a blasphemy case of incredible release of a Christian man accused of blasphemy set free and declared innocent by the court- miraculously escaping death penalty.



The blasphemy accused, Karma Patras spent 18 months behind the bars over blasphemy charges. The local court hearing his case found and pronounced him innocent while his case renews hope for several other blasphemy accused in prison. “The complainant in Karma Patras’ case, Syed Zulqarnain Shah, stated in Sangla Hill Judicial Magisterial Court that he had mistakenly accused Patras of committing blasphemy against Islam and that he would have no objection if the pastor were released on bail.”




Nevertheless, because Syed Zulqarnain Shah is not the official claimant in the case, Patras could is still prone to penalty for the charges. Such a release is exceedingly rare, but may enkindle hope for the release of Asia Bibi, along with several other Christians accused of blasphemy awaiting their next hearing. Asia Bibi- a Christian woman accused of blasphemy is the first Pakistani woman sentenced to death over blasphemy charges several years back. 




The World Watch Monitor, WWM on the other hand, is keen on inspecting, whether the recent acquittals will establish a standpoint protecting Pakistani Christians from false charges of blasphemy often brought against them.





“This is a remarkable case in which a trial court judge has released a person charged with blasphemy,attorney Allah Rakha told.  “In my several years of legal practice I have never seen a trial judge showing guts in such a sensitive matter. Almost in all blasphemy cases, the trial court judges pass on the buck to higher courts by convicting the accused. This is probably the first time a blasphemy accused person has been spared the ordeal of waiting for his release without going through appeals and bail applications,” he continued.




The release of Kamra Patras adds to the list of recent miraculous releases of Christians facing death penalties over blasphemy charges; proceeding the release of Rimsha Masih and Younus Masih.