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A Christian Barely Escapes 295-C


LAHORE: A young Christian barely escapes 295-C as police mistakes him for another.


A Christian esacpes 295-C
A Christian esacpes 295-C

According to details, Danial Khokhar went to Liaqatabad Police Station to get his complain registered. The Liaqatabad police immediately held him detaining him under section 295-C. His erroneous detention owed to similarity of name with a blasphemy accused.


The original respondent of blasphemy accusations; Pastor Danial Khokhar and his companions were accused by Usman Ahmed c/o Maulana Ali resident of Bahar Colony and his three accomplices. As reported, Pastor Danial and his companions were accused over personal disputes with complainant Usman Ahmed.


The matter may have turned out into a weighty negligence on account of the Liaqatabad police causing communal grief and anger. The mistakenly detained Danial Khokhar was gradually becoming hopeless for justice until Advocate Liaqat John learnt about him.


Advocate Liaqat John had approached the Liaqatabad police station to assist one of his clients. While at the police station he saw Danial Khokhar in the police custody. Advocate John inquired about his case from the Sub-Inspector Mukhtar Ahmed who apprized him of his case history. Mukhtar Ahmed showed Advocate Liaqat John the application against Pastor Danial Khokhar and his companions.

Advocate Liaqat John who in additionally occupies the office of President of “Society for Legal Awareness and Equal Rights” advised the sub-inspector to verify the where about of Pastor Danial Khokhar and detained Danial Khokhar. When the police verified the where abouts of the accused and the mistakenly detained; Danial Khokhar was eventually released.


On the other hand, the originally accused Pastor Danial Khokhar approached Advocate Liaqat John to follow up the application against him bearing false charges of blasphemy.


Advocate Liaqat John along with his team Aneel Anjum Gill, Rashid Shaw, Imran Boby, Ifrahim Rehan, Ahsan John, Nelson Ibrahim Massey, Emmanuel Rahim, and Asher Ejaz played an instrumental role in release of the mistakenly detained Danial Khokhar.