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A Christian boy dies in police custody owing to severe torture


SHEIKHUPURA: A Christian boy dies of severe torture by the local police, while in police custody over a false case. 


Christian boy dies in jail
Christian boy dies in jail


According to details, a local Pastor Mushtaq Masih informed Mr. Joseph Francis National Director CLAAS on 10th of June, 2013 , that a young Christian boy named Adnan Masih was repeatedly tortured by police for 6 days, and was subsequently,murdered in the Sharak Pur Sharif police station on 10th of June. Deceased Adnan was son of Master Riaz Masih.


Pastor Mushtaq told Mr. Francis that,” as the Christian villagers heard about the death of Adnan they come out from the houses and blocked the road in protest. There were over 4000 Christian on the road demanding justice and immediate arrest of the police officials responsible for Adnan’s  murder.” Pastor Mushtaq asked Mr. Francis to intervene, as the police is not handing over the dead body and unwilling to carry out a post-mortem of the dead body; which is an absolute requirement of the law under these circumstances.


Taking an immediate action, Mr. Francis activated a team including Asher Sarfraz, Field Officer, Sohail Habel Finance Manager and Mr. Saleem Gabrial to be sent to the scene immediately. The CLAAS team arrived at the spot the same day, meeting Mohammad Khaliq, the concerned Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Mohammad Ahsan Younis, District police officer (DPO) and Mohammad Irfan Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and insisted upon registration of an FIR against the alleged police officials at Police station Sharak Pur, named responsible for the killing of Adnan, demanding their abrupt arrest.


Sensing the weightiness of the case, the DSP and DPO issued orders to get the FIR registered. Consequently, an FIR bearing no. 333/13 under section 302, 149, 147 PPC was lodged against three main officials including Riaz-ul-Deen Gujar the Station House Officer, Rana Shahbaz Investigation Officer and Waryam Assistant Sub inspector. The allegedly accused police officials were arrested and confined at Division Police Station Sheikhupura.



The CLAAS Team headed by Mr. Joseph Francis National Director CLAAS arrived at the scene, to ensure their presence in the hospital while the doctors conducted post-mortem of Adnan’s dead body. Subsequently, the dead body was handed over to the CLAAS team for burial after the post mortem by the DSP.


The CLAAS team was informed that Master Riaz is a retired Head Master of Government Elementary School; and Adnan Masih aged 18 was an Air-condition and Fridge mechanic and worked in Lahore. He was falsely booked by the police on 4th of June 2013,in a case of abduction of a Muslim girl, despite having no connection with the case.


Despite the fact that there was no potential evidence against Adnan, he was kept in police custody with the intention of forcing him to admit the crime. Undergoing brutal torture, several cuts on different parts of his body were visible, which seemed to be made by sharp knife. He was also strucked by an iron rod in the head while during the 6 day ordeal at the police station. Due to sever physicall torture his legs were fractured, whilst his nails were pulled out from his hand and feet. Asa final blow his neck was fractured on 10th of June during the torture session which made him breathe his last.