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A Christian Colony in Sanghar under threat by Land Mafia


HYDERABAD: A 51 year old Christian Colony imperiled as it becomes vulnerable to the land mafia.


Christians of Sanghar
Christians of Sanghar

According to the details, the residents of Christian Colony Sanghar, remonstrate against the land mafia; that is active to get the land vacated by Christians. This land Mafia is said to be lead by Mansoor Nizami, who has been harassing the local Christians to abandon their homes. The gang is said to have already occupied some of the houses forcefully, initially taking up the house of Barkat Malkeen.


The residents of the victimized neighborhood, rallied against the Mafia seeking help from Government authorities. The irate residents told that the Colony has been home to Christians since 1962, the land of which was allotted to Christians by the then Chairman of Municipal Committee – Rais Dhani Bakhsh. In the years to follow, the Colony was declared as “KACHI ABADI” in 1981 with an approved design.


It was until 1992 that the colony was facilitated with Water Supply, drainage and electricity. Later in 1995, a vandal Mansoor Ali  put forth claims to the property. Mansoor subsequently, occupied bits of land in years to follow, notably the houses of  Siddiue Masih, Benjamin Samuel and Barkat whilst on the other hand showing aggression against the residents by involving police and revenue department.


The residents of the Christian Colony further grumbled that their village covered almost 2 acres of land which became an open question to local Land Mafia gangs. The hoaxed Christians further complained that Mansoor Ali’s father is an acquaintance of Chief Justice of Pakistan – Iftikhaar Muhammad Chaudhry, therefore Mansoor Ali misused his name to pester them.


They nag about the fact that they have been compelled to run from post to pillar without any significant assistance from the local authorities. So much so, that none of the local lawyers are willing to advocate them. In addition to Pir Pagara Saheb, they have called on Saleem Khurshid Khokhar, IG police, DC Sanghar, Paul Bhatti chairman All Pakistan Minorities Alliance, Akram Masih Former Minister in Punjab Government, HRCP and National Commission for Justice of Peace (also called catholic commission) but thus far not a soul has come to the fore to be of assistance in saving them from expulsion from their ancestral homes. At this occasion, they appealed to the higher authorities to help them out, by rescuing from the influential Land Mafia which has been ejecting Christians from their homes.