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A Christian Family Missing Since 2009


Over the years, an extensive religious intolerance has been observed in the social order of Pakistan; one such case in point is the unexplained missing of a Christian Family since 2009.

The missing Christian family belonged to Lahore, Pakistan. Yaqoob Pervez, who was reportedly a cab- driver, in Lahore went missing in company with his family more than  three years ago.

There are absolutely no perceptible clues, whatsoever as where they might have gone. This inexplicable and sudden absence of Yaqoob Pervez and his family, finds its root cause when three Muslim passengers hired Yaqoob Pervez ‘s cab, on the way to their destination, the passengers started to chat about Pakistani Cricketer Muhammad Yousafonce Yousuf Youhana, a convert from Christianity to Islam. The passengers were discussing the cricketer’s conversion to Islam. Notwithstanding the profaning comments of the passengers, Yaqoob Pervez asserted that cricketer Yousuf was a crook who betrayed Jesus.

His comments about the cricketer gave rise to a dispute which eventually ended with the three passengers beating him up near Baghbanpura area of Lahore. The terrified cab driver called his two brothers-in-law to aid him. Yaqoob’s two brothers-in-law, Sohail Iqbal and Shahzad Iqbal rushed to the scene and managed to rescue Yaqoob Pervez from the hands of enraged passengers, who accused him of committing blasphemy.

It has been reported that the passengers had been in search of Yaqoob since then. Compelled by the harassment, Yaqoob and his family have fled to an unknown place for shelter supposedly. Since then, no one has any clue about Yaqoob and his family. But in spite of this, there remains a possibility, as it may be, the missing family has been just another victim of Religious Intolerance.

By Madeeha Shakeel  Senior Journalist – Christians in Pakistan Newswire.