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A Christian Family On The Run Fearing Forced Conversion Of Their Daughters


(NOTE: Real names of the victims have been withheld)

LAHORE: A Christian family on the run to avoid their girls from being converted to Islam forcibly.

A Christian family on the run
A Christian family on the run

According to FIDES, a Pakistani Christian man Sarfraz Manzoor, 45-year-old and his wife Nasreen are fleeing out of fear of the widespread conversion of Christian girls. The two have a son two daughters.

Sarfraz Manzoor’s family had been living in the district of Khanewal, in Lahore. His wife taught in a school run by the Salvation Army, while Sarfraz ran a small shop. The three children studied in a government school. In government schools Islamic studies are mandatory and the girls had to learn and recite some verses of the Quran in the presence of other teachers and students. In December, 2013, an Islamic cleric, the father of another student in their class stated that these girls had become Muslims: therefore they had to be entrusted to the care of adult Muslims. Sarfraz stopped sending his daughters to school. After a few days, the headmaster and other Muslim teachers warned the parents to send them back to school, offering the family financial aid regarding the school fees. Subsequently, they moved to Lahore, hiding out of fear of being spotted.