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A Christian Family Threatened As They Participated In Protest Against Church Bombings


PESHAWAR: A Christian family threatened as they joined in protest against the suicide bomb blasts at the All Saints Church.

A Christian family faces life threats as they remain hiding since they reportedly participated in protests held against the twin suicide blasts at a local Church. They have been reportedly receiving death threats for protesting against twin suicide attacks; in which their friends were killed. “All in all no less than 171 people died and some 150 people were injured in the deadliest blasts at Peshawar’s All Saints Church,” officials said.

A resident of Peshawar Waqas Pervez, 26years old, told that,” Me and my family were “forced to flee” Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, and now hide in another city after suspected Muslim militants threatened to kill me, my mother and other relatives.”
He added, “The men were angry that I was openly expressing grief at an anti-violence demonstration about the loss of his friends and those who were injured in the suicide attacks.”

Nationwide protests
Nationwide protests

“The problems began on Monday, September 23, when I and other Christians were protesting on University road near a Christian cemetery to mourn our loved ones and to express concerns over the suicide attacks. As we walked towards the Jamia Mosque, clerics and others came out and tried to stop the protesters and scatter them,” he said.


Both the demonstrators and attackers were injured, according to witnesses.


“Clerics from the locality vowed to avenge the injuries and they started looking for the people who were leading the protest,” Pervez said.


“A day after, several men came to my house; where they threatened me and my mother who was injured in the attack. My father Griffon Pervez, my brother Fahad Pervez and my maternal uncle Johnson Younas tried to stop them, but they were assaulted also. My uncle was injured and they threatened to kill the whole family,” Pervez stated. He said,” My family was forced to leave everything behind and now lives hiding in another city.”


However, a local priest who’ identity has not been disclosed for security reasons, helped them escape by providing them means and assistance. Human Rights Activists say,” This isn’t an isolated case. Christians in Pakistan have complained about persecution for their faith in several parts of this heavily Islamic nation.”