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A Christian Family under death threats in Lahore


LAHORE:  A Christian family hides as they receive death threats from religious extremists.


Christians facing intolerance
Christians facing intolerance

According to details, Sadiq Masih Zafar revealed that he has been jeopardized along with his family even after a decade after they were forcibly ejected from a close by city – Muridke. He went on to unfold that, his daughter was nearly throttled to death in 2004 by religious militants; who were infuriated because of Zafar’s service to a local Church.

He went on to disclose that the matter sprung forth, when the Lahore Church Council had appointed him as a supervisor of a local Church which was under construction. He said, “Religious extremists tried to pressurize and stop the construction and took over the church land. They annihilated the construction and barbarically attacked him, not sparing his family and workers working on the Church site,” Zafar said. In a while, “a mosque was constructed near the church land and announcements were made exhorting if the Church was constructed, they would burn it,” he added.


The “extremists”, he burset out, intimidated him along with his family to convert to Islam. He memorized an incident in 2004 when his daughter Sarwat Naheed was returning home from Faisalabad, while in way she was “abducted by masked men.  They broke her legs; she had a severe head injury as they tried to strangle her. She was found unconscious in the fields,” he cried out.


Some days later his son Azeem Zafar was allegedly seized on his way by unknown men and was severely tortured as well. Zafer said his family fled Muridke and settled in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province. But the extremists didn’t discontinue looking for them, he reinstated.


“I still remember that on March 27, 2004 [when] the family was sitting together in Bahar colony of Lahore, few masked men vehemently rushed into our home. We relocated to another location in Lahore, but of late came to know that my daughter Asma Tosheeba who joined a local medical school, was under threats too,” he said.
She was threatened and the extremists tried to abduct her.” He complained that his family has been appealing for security, while the police are reluctant act. Police officials could not be approached for help.