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A Christian Girl Arrested By Police In An Unspecified Case


FAISALABAD: A Christian girl booked by the police in a false case and subjected to severe physical torture by the police in her own house.

Gender based violence in Pakistan
Gender based violence in Pakistan

In line with details, Iqra Saddique a Christian girl daughter of Saddique Masih had been falsely hooked in an unspecified case on 7th of August, 2013 till date. Iqra is resident of Chak No. 330 JB, Toba Tek Singh is who has been seized by the police completely against the laws and procedure for arrest of females in Pakistan.


Fairly, Iqra Saddique 22 years old,  was kidnapped by four police men, who tortured her under her own roof, while forcing her to go with them the policemen did not spare her even in public; torturing her on the street as well. The police men carried her away on a motorbike; one sitting in front and one on the back forcefully making her sir in between the two policemen on their motorbike. This unethical procedure of arrest is strictly against the laws of arrest of females in Pakistan; where only lady police constables are allowed to arrest girls and women.

Moreover, the police are not allowing Iqra’s mother to meet her in the prison since her illegal arrest. She has been detained in the City Police Station, Toba Tek Singh. This incident was witnessed by village people. According to reports she has not been legally charged up till now neither has she been presented to the court.

Reacting to this incident, Chief Organizer Pakistan Christian Congress Akram Waqar Gill, General Secretary Punjab Sadaf Saddique Khokhar , District Toba Tek Sing President Shahzad Fateh, and Ayub Anjum of Society for Human Development teamed up and went to the city police station, Toba Tek Singh. The team tried to investigate this case themselves, meeting with the authorities concerned and the victim of gender-based violence Iqra Saddique.

According to the team, “Iqra Saddique told us in front of police that she has been tortured by police men that she was tortured also and now she is in illegal police custody in City Police Station Toba Tek Singh.”

Additionally the team approached the DPO informing him about the incident. The team members say,” He did not respond encouragingly and just told us that he will look into the matter and will ask the police station to produce Iqra in the court soon. We asked him take action against the police men who did this illegal arrest.”