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A Christian Man Accused Of Blasphemy In Bahawalpur


BAHAWALPUR: Police have taken into custody a Christian convert from Hinduism and his Hindu co-worker for allegedly burning Quran and a chart of Quranic verses.

A Christian man accused of blasphemy
A Christian man accused of blasphemy

According to details, Police arrested school custodians Javed Masih, a Christian, and Anand Lal, a Hindu, hours after Syed Abdul Ghafoor Shah, senior headmaster of the Government Excellence High School in Satellite Town, Bahawalpur District, filed a First Information Report (FIR) about charred Quranic verses at the institution. The FIR did not mention Masih and Lal, but police picked them up on the basis of a later supplementary statement by Shah.

Javed Masih’s wife said that soon after the arrests, a mob – led by Allama Shafqat al-Rehman and Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Saqi gathered near their house. The leaders made inflammatory speeches, calling on the mob to burn down the house and kill the “blasphemer’s children.” However, Javed’s family and attorney, said Islamist groups have falsely accused the two men in response to an increasing number of Hindus converting to Christianity in southern Punjab Province.