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A Christian Man dies In Adiala Jail Rawalpindi


A Pakistani Christian man passes away in Central Jail Adiala –  Rawalpindi.

Pervez Masih son of Shangara Masih expired in Central Jail Adiala,Rawalpindi after being deteriorated by Diabetics. It has been stated by a Christian Human Rights Activist, Safdar Chaudhry that the police officials denied him treatment of diabetics during his imprisonment.

He went on to say that he had requested the police officials in charge of the Adiala jail, to administer Pervez Masih medical treatment, but the jail officials declined his request.

Another gloomy aspect is that Pervez Masih’s wife also died, a few months earlier during her imprisonment due to medical complications. She was under treatment in Central Hospital, Fawara chowk,Rawalpindi. What is noteworthy, that both Pervez Masih and his wife died during their imprisonment and apparently, owing to deprival of medical attention.

Pervez Masih and his wife were taken into custody, by the Anti-Narcotics Force ANF on the charges of alleged Hasheesh smuggling; under Pakistan Penal Code 9-C. Pervez Masih comes from Gujranwala, an eminent city of Punjab. The Christian couple was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment by the ANF, serving which both of them ceased to exist.