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A Christian man murdered in Khanewal District


KHANEWAL:  A Christian man dies of severe torture – a consequence of rejecting to quit Christianity.


Christian man killed in Khanewal
Christian man killed in Khanewal

According to the details, the Punjab Police is scrutinizing the matter of a Christian man killed by extremists upon refusing to give up Christianity and embrace Islam.

Rasheed Masih a 36 year old Christian man was assertedly murdered by six men on 9th of March, 2013. The assassinated man was resident of District of Khanewal Punjab. The assassins reportedly butchered him with an axe. The neighbor of Rasheed Masih reveals that the suspected culprits are competitor merchants of the locality.


Rasheed owned a business of potatoes, which disrupted the felons enticed by envy, they dispatched Rasheed Masih as they allured him to their farmhouse on 9th of March. The murderers left his dead body along the roadside on 10th of March near Kothi Nand Singh Village.


It has been said that Rasheed and his brother Asi were being pressurized constantly to embrace Islam to which they showed resistance. In response to this tragic incident, the regional Parish of Mian Channu Church of Paksitan stated that Rasheed Masih was a “devoted Christian”adding that Rasheed and Asi had turned down the calls to quit Christianity and embrace Islam.  


This incident comes from a region of Pakistan where most of the persecution of Christian takes place. Punjab is the most populated province of Pakistan with largest number of Christian community than else where in the entire country. It is worth mentioning that most of the blasphemy allegations against Christians spring forth in Punjab with major incidents like “Gojra”, “Badami Bagh” and “Francis Colony-Gujranwala.” About 70% of total Christians in Pakistan reside in Punjab.