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A Christian Man Tortured To Death By Police In Lahore


LAHORE: A Christian man tortured to death by police during custody in Lahore.


A Pakistani Christian man, Allah Rakha Shahzad, died on Saturday November 22 morning, allegedly after the police brutally tortured him at the Green Town police station. 25-year-old Shahzad who was also known as Mithu was booked by the police Friday night November 21. After his arrest an FIR over selling alcohol and drugs was lodged against him. The deceased’ family points to the police torture and alleges that he died during interrogation while in police custody and due to physical torture inflicted upon him by the police. On the other hand, the Police officials however, have denied these allegations and have claimed that his cause of death was heart attack.


After death of Shahzad, grieved and angry family members staged protest in front of the Green Town police station and broke the window glasses, pelted stones at the police station and tried to storm into the police station while and even broke the front door of the police station while their protest. The protestors also burnt tyres on the road causing a blockade. Dr Haider Ashraf – DIG Operations later took notice of the incident after Shahzad’s family members protested. Subsequently, an FIR was lodged against the investigation officer (IO) ASI Rauf and three other police constables over beating Shahzad to death while in police custody.