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A Christian Prisoner Suffers From Severe Heart Attack


Younus Masih a Christian man imprisoned on charges of Blasphemy- suffers a severe Heart attack while in prison.


It has been reported that Younus Masih has been transported from the prison to a Civilian Hospital, where he is subjected to medical treatment. Despite the fact, Islamic militants still pose a very serious threat to him while in hospital.  As long as he is in hospital, his security remains the capital issue, as he is at over-and-above risk now attributable to predominant Islamic extremism.

Younus Masih was allegedly accused of Blasphemy in consequence to which he received a death sentence. He has spent 7 years in prison before this notorious disease struck him. He was reportedly going through a marked physical and mental deterioration. He was capsized in 2005; his death sentence is challenged in court, in context to which his next court hearing is scheduled on 17th of January 2013.