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A Christian Rights Activist Receives Death Threats


LAHORE: Threats to yet another Christian human rights activist leaving him fearful and anxious.

Christian activist threatened
Christian activist threatened

Shakeel Maqbool Malik- a Pakistani Christian photo journalist, a human rights activist and media Co-coordinator of Voice of International Christians remains in a hideaway since he has been constantly receiving life threats from militant groups.


Shakeel Maqbool Malik has been was frequently getting life threats given that he is working rights of Pakistani Christians. The recent incident is said to have been reported on 20th of September, 2013 as he was on his way back from Joseph Colony that two unidentified men riding on motor bike opened fire at him at bus stand. He barely escaped death at that moment.

Seeing the intensity of the matter, Shakeel Maqbool Malik lodged a complaint in Lari Ada Police station Lahore against unknown assailants. According to reports the concerned SHO registered FIR No.415/13 under sections 337 H2 /427 PPC sparing 324 PPC.



Malik said, ”I was many times threatened by militants and some unknown person often took out the name plate which was engraved at his house’s door just to make me harassed and I also got threatening letters in which I was threatened to be killed along my family.”

While Shakeel Maqbool Malik’s wife said, “She is often terrified at night due to such kind of threats and harassment. Now they were not feeling secure in Pakistan and particularly after happening of this heart breaking incident of suicidal bombing attack at Cathedral Church in Peshawar.”

Profound concerns and angst for human rights activists in Pakistan crop up as a substantial number of rights activists are on the hit list of militants.


In reality, Pakistan is now seen as a unreceptive place for human rights defenders, predominantly Christians human rights activists; where they might face life threatening situations including threats, monitoring of their location, unlawful tapping of their phone calls, registering of false cases against them, mysterious disappearance, abuse, stigmatization and eventually killings.