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A Christian sanitary worker accused of blasphemy in Jehlum


JEHLUM: A Christian man booked under blasphemy charges by the city police.



Christians of Jehlum protesting over Badami Bagh arson
Christians of Jehlum protesting over Badami Bagh arson

According to the details, ten days ago the Christian community of Jehlum protested against the Badami Bagh arson which sparked yet another blasphemy case against a Christian man George Naz.

George Naz is said to be an employee of the District Municipal Administration, Jehum. The police have filed an FIR against George Naz under 295-A of the Pakistan Penal Code.


Prior to these allegations, the Christian Community had been protesting over the Badami Bagh incident, when the protestors raised banners and slogans against the prevalent blasphemy law in Pakistan. According to the protestors, the blasphemy law is always misused against Christians and that because of these laws; the survival of the Christians in Pakistan is largely at stake.


One of these banners became the bone of contention, which read as” 295/C is a black law, which is like a bare sword hanging over the Christians.” These words agitated the religious circles of Jehlum who regards this as blasphemous. As a result they were joined by clerics and mass who had been protesting over these slogans since. The antagonism however, rose incredibly since then which consequently compelled the Jehlum police to file an FIR against a Christian man named by the witnesses. The local Clerics had approached the DPO Jehlum regarding whereas submitting an application to take legal action against the offender.


Notwithstanding the rising tension in the city and the fear of escalating protestations the authorities decided to take legal action against the allegedly accused, George Naz successfully preventing any anti-Christian riot. George Naz has not been arrested yet, as the police are still searching for him. According to the police, the case has been registered after the accusations were found true.


The accuser, Syed Khalil Hussain while talking regarding this case said that,” we are peaceful people and we can not bare humiliation of anyone’s religious beliefs. Since this was a religious matter, which injured the sentiments of Muslims. We are grateful to the DPO- Jehlum, DCO- Jehlum and other administrative and political authorities who have carried out clear investigations and co-operated with us as they have filed a case against the alleged sanitary worker according to the Constitution of Pakistan. As a result of their efforts, Jehlum has regained its peace.”