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A Christian teenager killed over alleged affair with a Muslim girl


A Christian teenager killed for allegedly having an affair with a Muslim girl. The incident took place in PirMahal, on April 21, Thursday. Muhammad Billa Pehlwan, father of the Muslim girl Rehanna (her real name will not be disclosed) allegedly killed the Christian teenager and hanged his dead body in front of his house.

Pakistani Christians

In line with details, 18-year-old Qaiser Masih was allegedly having an affair with daughter of M. Billa Pehlwaan. After Billa Pehlwaan got a tip off the affair, he decided to teach the Christian lad a lesson and arrived at his house along with his sons, and other relatives. Prior to this, he had threatened to kill Qaiser several times, nonetheless, he killed him ruthlessly and hanged his dead body in front of Qaiser’ house.

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While speaking with the team of a local charity organisation – The Voice, sister of Qaiser, said that her brother was innocent, he tried to avoid contacting the girl. She further told that the said Muslim girl wanted to marry him. She further said that the Christian family had requested the girl’s sisters to pressurize Rehanna to avoid trying to contact Qaiser.

“But none of our efforts could save my brother. We demand justice; police is with their Muslim fellows and are trying to exhibit the murder as a suicide case.” She went on to say,” My brother was hanged after being killed and his neck was broken and eyes were swollen. There were marks of resistance on his body. Muhammad Billa and his relatives and sons killed my innocent brother.”

Furthermore, mother of Qaiser told The Voice team, that everyone knows who killed her son. She said that Qaiser was her youngest son whom they killed inhumanly. “I only demand Justice. I want the accused to be hanged and punished.” Sister-in-law of the deceased said that the Muslim family lives right in front of their house. She disclosed that Muhammad Billa had threatened to make Qaiser an example for the entire Christian community, as he was trying to convert my daughter. “I will never let him do this,” she quoted Billa.

The Muslim family had previously threatened to murder all the sons of the Christian family and wipe out an entire generation. “We are scared for our children’s lives now,” she said. “Police is trying to make it a suicide case, whereas everyone knows that it is a murder case. Our state and the police have failed to provide us security and we assume that they will fail to provide us justice.”

A former counselor f the area- Ashiq Baber said that at first police was showing reluctance to register an FIR of the case trying to term this murder as a suicide case. However, later on an FIR no 160/16 including charges of 302 PPC was registered. Nonetheless, a FIR has been registered police has not taken any action against the nominated perpetrator, Moreover, the doctors who performed the postmortem where pressurized to term it a suicidal death instead of a murder. The Muslim family is pressurizing the police to term Qaiser’ death suicidal instead of a murder.