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A Christian Youngster shot dead over a trifling dispute


LAHORE: A 20 year old Christian boy put to death by a nefarious gang in the bulkiest province of Pakistan.


A Chirtisan boy shot dead
A Chirtisan boy shot dead

According to details, Allah Ditta, a 20 years old Christian youngster was shot dead by a gang on a personal dispute. Allah Ditta resided Talab Sarae– a small village of Punjab at Mangla Mandi. The lad made both ends meet by working in Meo Hospital, Lahore. He was supporting five sisters, a brother and aged parents.


In line with the details, on 4th of April 2013, at about 7:00 pm as he returned from his duty he encountered a gang of boys aging 17-19 years. The boys passed filthy remarks about women and men of Christian community in the area. The gang constituted three Muslim boys namely Amjad Alias, Shan and Sabar. As they saw Allah Ditta approaching, they started passing shameful remarks about Christian women and his sister who is disabled.


In retaliation, Allah Ditta abused them asking them to leave the colony. However, Shan triggered the contention by saying he’s a Christian how dare he abuse us? All Christian neighbors had gathered around by this time when Sadam shot Allah Ditta. Allah Ditta expired on the spot as the bullet pierced his head whilst the boys fled bursting shots at the nearby villagers. The murderers reside the same village but in a Muslim Colony.


This incident was reported to The Voice Society by an anonymous informer. A team from the Voice immediately left for the scene as soon as it was informed.