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A Christmas Tree To Be Set Up At The Border Between South And North Korea


South Korea grants permission to a Christian group to put up a new Christmas tree-shaped tower near the border with the North Korea.

Christmas tree tower to be built in South Korea
Christmas tree tower to be built in South Korea

According to details, a 60 ft high tower, which had been lit up in the past at Christmas, was disassembled earlier in October after it was declared unsafe by South Korea. Nonetheless, North Korea termed it as “propaganda warfare”- as it is officially atheist. North Korea also threatened to bomb that Christmas tree shaped tower.
Yonhap News Agency says that the previous Christmas tree tower was located about 3km (1.9 miles) from the border, and was set up in 1971. The tower was erected on top of a hill in Gimpo, west of Seoul and could be seen from the North. In 2010 the tree tower was lit up and Christians sang hymns in front of it. However, bearing in mind that North Korea had warned last month against any attempt to reinstall the tower, with state media calling it “a symbol of manic attempts to raise cross-border tension and provoke armed conflicts.”

South Korea’s defence ministry has now granted permission to the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) to build and light a new smaller tower. The “tree” will be 30ft (9m) tall, CCK said, and will be lit for two weeks starting 23 December. CCK said the move was aimed at promoting peace.