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A Controversial Deal Incites Attack on a Pakistani Christian man


FAISALABAD: A crippled Pakistani Christian gunned down by religious extremists in Punjab.

Pakistani Christians
Pakistani Christians

According to details, Khalid Masih a 35 year old man was attacked by high-ranking men of his village, earlier this year. Khalid is a resident of District Faisalabad. Subsequently, the local authorities and police officials are constantly denying taking action against the suspects, as they enjoy questionless influence over the area.

Khalid has been crying out for justice and help from the time when he was shot and bashed by the “influential” suspects. However the ground of this attack appears to be a controversial deal.

The Pakistani Rights Group, Masihi Foundation and Life For All, throw light on the fact that the police denied to take action against the offenders as Khalid ”is a Christian man.” Moreover these advocacies declare the suspects as Irshad Gujjar along side his cousin Aslam Gujjar overtly.

The Human Rights Activists go on to account for the incident by saying, the culprits hauled Khalid “forcefully” to an area, several miles outside his district village.

At that time they “dragged him from the car and stabbed him several times with a knife, injuring his hands and lips in spite of shooting his knee caps twice,” the rights groups report. The close by farmers rushed to the scene after the attackers had fled and transported him to Civil Hospital – Faisalabad.

Khalid after receiving immediate medical attention was discharged from the hospital the following day, nevertheless his deteriorating physical condition needs unvarying medical treatment.

According to Khalid Masih’s neighbors he has been targeted because he witnessed a controversial deal between a Christian and Muslim man. Irshad Gujjar exchanged his horse with Babar Masih’s scooter – this exchange sparked rage among the Muslim community. “The next day Irshad Gujjar returned furious and claimed that the horse was worth more than Babar Masih’s the scooter, so he demanded more money,” the Human Rights groups unfold.