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A Falsely Accused Christian woman set free from prison


LAHORE: A falsely accused Christian woman, set free from prison.


Lahore High Court
Lahore High Court

According to details, Arshad Bibi a domestic worker of a Muslim family was falsely accused of pinching jewelry worth approximately 5, 5044 Rupees. The 35 year old lady earns just over 3,500 Rupees monthly. The complainant Zahida Perveen, reported at the Muslim Town Police Station and lodged an FIR against her Christian maid saying the servant has managed to steal the jewelry though it was “locked up.”


As consequences, the alleged lady was subject to severe torture from the police, while a Christian aid group approached to help her. The Legal Evangelical Association Development, (LEAD) reported that Arshad Bibi was afflicted by the police, and that such false allegations have become frequent against poor Christians in the country. The Director of LEAD Sardar Mushtaq Gill hopes to get her aquitted, saying “We hope that we shall prove her innocence in court.”