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A flat broke Christian family spends days and nights under open sky as land mafia expropriates their house


A destitute Christian family landed into great trouble when land mafia expropriated their house, rendering them homeless. The family after being forcefully cast out of their house, were left with no other option but to spend days and night on streets. “We have been under the open sky since past 4-5 days,” they told Saleem Iqbal- National Director of Care Council for Human Rights.

Land Mafia in Pakistan

The incident took place in Fatehgarh- a town in Sialkot District. Saleem Iqbal reported that ring leader of this land mafia namely Muhammad Amjad Shah has expropriated the house of the Christians by unfair means. The gang’s members broke into their house and started throwing their belongings on the street as they drove them out of their house. Consequently, the victimized family has been spending nights on the street since past 5 days or so.

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Teddy Masih, a member of the defrauded family told that his mother Marryam Bibi had bought this property from Mukhtar Begum about thirty years back. He said that he has all the legal documents of the purchase of the house with him. He further disclosed that his mother had purchased the said house in about two hundred thousand Rupees. After Marryam Bibi passed away, son of Mukhtar Begum, cast a lustful eye on the property which is now of worth twenty five-thirty hundred thousand Rupees, he explained.

“The current price of this house has reached to much higher levels, after which the ring leader of this land mafia gang Muhammad Amjad Shah has produced forged documents regarding the ownership of the house property” he said. Moreover, on the grounds of fake documents, a local court ordered the Christian family to evacuate the house. Subsequently, the gang members cast the miserable family out of their house leaving them completely helpless.

Teddy Masih stated: “We did not receive any legal notice from the court. If we had got one, we would have approached the court and apprised the judge about the truth facts of the matter.”

He went on to call upon the government to help them regain the custody of their legal property, and take action against perpetrator Muhammad Amjad Shah and provide justice to the down trodden Christian family.