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A Gang of Lewd Boys Attack A Pakistani Christian Girl


LAHORE: A Christian girl attacked by a gang of lewd boys; suffers serious injuries.

Victimized Farah
Victimized Farah

According to details, Farah a Christian girl had an encounter with lascivious boys who verbally abusing her for her faith. Farah is a student of International Christian Concern’s “Save our Sisters” vocational training school. The incident happened when she was on her way to the International Christian Concern’s Beauty Saloon. This incident is reported to have taken place in broad daylight yet no one came to her rescue.

As soon as the International Christian Concern was informed about the incident, the organization extended aid and assistance to Farah who received severe physical wounds along side emotional distress.
Subsequently, the agents from the International Christian Concern approached Farah and transported her to a hospital for medical treatment. As a result of compassionate support from the ICC, the victimized girl is now recovering from her injuries. However, owing to the severe blow from the assaulters she will continue to have a scar on her neck.

In recent days, gender-based violence has augmented considerably as women remain a viable sect of society for the aroused. Women from minority communities have under gone sporadic incidents of aggression off late worth mentioning are the incidents in Sindh where Hindu girls were forced into marriages to convert their religion. Few cases of this nature have been reported for the Christian community as well when girls are forced into marriages and often times abused in pursuit of converting them to another faith.

The International Christian Concern held up Farah by enrolling and sponsoring her in one of their vocational training schools in Pakistan; where they teach young girls like Farah business education at a beauty saloon.

The International Christian Concern urges all to pray for suffering girl so that she might recover completely from physical laceration as well as the psychological trauma she has been going through; all as an aftermath of this incident. ICC also calls upon all to pray for other women who have suffered from gender-based violence.