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A Girl Who’s Faith ISIS Could Not Kill


Our homes are places we take refuge in. They are our fortress, our security. Just imagine if in the middle of the night someone forced you out of your home. Would you be scared? Would you be insecure? What will you bring with you? Will you have a place to take refuge? Will you ever forgive for your provisions and joy that was snatched away from you?

Meet Myriam. She is an Iraqi Christian who was forced out of her home. She and her family along with many others take refuge in a half built shopping mall in northern Iraq. In an interview from her place of hiding when she was asked what she feels for those who drove her out of her home. In an earnest voice she said, “I won’t do anything to them, I will only ask God to forgive them.”

Such implicit trust and faith in the midst of seemingly unbearable circumstances is something rare to find. But choosing joy and hope is often what carries the human spirit through suffering, and allows us to appreciate life in a new way.

In addition to Myriam’s compassion for her enemies, she also explained just how profoundly her life has changed since she and her family were driven from their home in Qaraqosh, Iraq.

“We used to have a house and were entertained, where-as here we are not,” the little girl said. “But thank God. God provides for us.”
When she was asked to explain, Myriam said God loves her and the other Christians who escaped, and he “wouldn’t let ISIS kill” them!
If Christians like Myriam can foster a soft heart full of grace, surely we can too!