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A glimmer of hope: DPO visits Chak 44 ” Nobody committed blasphemy” he declared


Followed by contiguously worsening situation in Chak 44, a village near Bosaan District Mandi Bahauddin, the District Police Officer of Mandi Bahauddin Raja Basharat Ali visited the village. He managed to get local Muslims and Christians to settle the dispute and ordered the villagers to keep peace. DPO Raja Basharat mediated between the two parties while the local Muslims assured him that they will keep their temper and the Christians will not be attacked nor harmed.

DPO Raja Basharat visits Chak 44

Furthermore, he stated that he had found no one guilty of committing blasphemy after carrying out investigations. The blasphemy accusations were baseless. Imran Masih a Christian resident of Chak 44 is innocent, and has not been guilty of committing blasphemy. The fury of the extremists might recede after this statement; however, still an economic boycott of Christians is imposed in the village; which adds to the apprehension of the tattered Christians.

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DPO Raja Basharat had instructed the local Christians and Muslims to live peacefully avoiding strife. Previously, the local Muslims had heaped two options on the Christians saying, “If you want us to forgive you; then all Christian villagers should either convert to Islam or leave the village.” Owing to the augmenting hostility and deteriorating situation, about 75% of Christian residents of Chak 44 had fled while the remaining were in deep trouble as they were left high and dry.

Muslims villagers of Chak 44 along with their villagers from the neighboring villages had proclaimed to attack Christians on May 6, which was warded off because a police contingent was deployed. The Christians of Chak 44 maintained that the blasphemy accusations on Imran Masih are baseless. “Imran Masih is not guilty, but if he is, all the Christian residents of Chakk 44 should not be punished,” they demanded. Approximately there are 3000 to 4000 houses of Muslims in Chak 44 but only 35 to 45 houses of Christians. Christians have urged the authorities to arrange for their security along with provision of their everyday necessities, which have been cut off.