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A landlord subjects a Christian family to bonded labour, demanding 4 lac rupees for their release


An insolvent Christian family is enslaved by a landlord, who is demanding a high amount for their release. The nefarious incident is reported from Lahore, where an entire Christian family including husband and wife and their three children have been subjected bonded labor, at a trivial salary of five thousand rupees.

Bonded Labour in Pakistan

National Director of Care Council for Human Rights- Saleem Iqbal reports that an entire Christian family has been serving a landlord for a slight salary of five thousand rupees only. Ruth Bibi, one of the affected family members revealed that the landlord has forcibly sexually abused her several times, after harassing her. She complained that the landlord has never paid the salary until he sexually abuses her. Furthermore, she told that the landlord had fixed their salary at 20,000 Rupees initially; however, later he reduced their salary to only five thousand rupees.

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Ruth Bibi went on to reveal that the son of landlord had also tried to sexually assault her 12-year-old daughter. She told that if she or her family members refused to serve him, they were beaten badly. She also disclosed that the landlord had taken them to his farmhouse, which is located in a far-flung area. “At first, when he paid us 5,000 Rupees instead of the fixed salary (20,000 PKR); we complained after which he beat us.”

“He plainly told us that we will be paid only 5,000 -4,000 Rupees,” she said while adding that he enslaved my entire family at his farmhouse. “He does not lets us go to church, even more, we are not permitted to meet our relatives.”

She further revealed that whenever her husband went out to water the fields at night, the landlord would break into her house and rape her. She whined that, her daughter is not safe from this vicious landlord and his son. “The landlord is demanding for four hundred thousand rupees, in order to let us go,” she says.

“I call upon Senator Kamran Michael, Human Rights organisations, Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Chef Minister of Punjab to help us out of the slavery of this landlord and take legal action against him over charges of committing sexual abuse with me.”