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A Man Burns A Teenage Girl Who Refused To Marry Him


SUKKUR: A girl set on fire by a young man over mere refusal of marriage.

A teenage girl burnt over marriage refusal
A teenage girl burnt over marriage refusal

According to details, an 18-year-old girl was set on fire by a young man named Sajid Qureshi over marriage refusal. The incident took place in District Naushahro Feroze, where the teenage girl was set on fire by Sajid on Monday, January 26. As a result of this incident the teenage girl sustained 60% burn injuries and has been referred to a hospital in Karachi. Sajid Qureshi who is a cloth merchant burnt the girl when he was allegedly drunk. Formerly, he had purposed the girl; however the girl’s mother had refused his proposal because he is thought to be an alcoholic. Nevertheless, he kept on pressurising them but the girl’s mother and brother kept refusing.

As per details, Sajid broke into her home on Monday morning when he was drunk. He tried to assault the girl. The girl resisted and started screaming for help Sajid then threw kerosene oil on her, set her on fire and fled. At the time of the incident the girl’s mother and brother were not at home and rushed after hearing her screams and put out the fire, but by then she had received burn injuries on her face, hands and chest. Police has lodged a complaint against alleged suspect Sajid Qureshi, on the complaint of the girl’s brother Nabeel Qureshi.