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A man shoots three including a month old during Sunday service in a church in Alabama


alabama church shooting

A man opened fire during a Sunday service in a church in Alabama.

According to media reports, on Sunday September 20, a man opened fire during a church service in Oasis Tabernacle Church in Alabama. At least three were injured including a woman, a pastor and an infant.The shooting is not believed to be motivated by racialism apparently. “This was a domestic violence situation. It’s just a sad situation when people have to be on guard in their church,” Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said

26-year-old, James Junior Minter, of Selma, in Alabama, was hooked by police after he opened fire during Sunday services at the Oasis Tabernacle Church in East Selma, Alabama. According to Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson the injured including 24-year-old female victim, was his girlfriend, their son a month-year-old and a pastor. He also revealed that the shooting was result of a domestic dispute.It was further revealed that the pastor who was injured is white whereas, the alleged gunman, James Minter, his girlfriend and the infant are black, Michael Jackson said.

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In line with the eye witnesses, Minter stormed into the church while the service was going on and sat in the front row between his girlfriend and the baby. Shortly, he pulled out a handgun and started shooting. His girlfriend fell to the ground, while Minter still fired at her, struck her in the jaw and shoulder. His baby was shot in the hand.

The church’s pastor, who is white, is 61-year-old Earl Carswell, who bravely grabbed Minter trying to prevent him form hitting others in the congregation. The pastor himself was shot in the leg. While various members of the congregation overpowered Minter collectively and managed to grab away his gun, however, Minter escaped from the church.

After police booked Minter, he was jailed without bail on three counts of attempted murder. On the other hand, his girlfriend was in critical condition initially but is stable now; her baby is also in stable condition. The pastor was rushed to a local emergency room, at the same time as the woman and baby were taken to a hospital in Birmingham.

Such incidents are not new as previously, in June, a white gunman shot a black pastor along with eight other members of the congregation during church service at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. It was allegedly a racially motivated attack authorities claim.