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A Message In Blood To The Leaders Of The American-Kurdish Alliance


IS releases a video threatening the allied forces of US not fight against the Islamic State militias.

ISIS releases a video to threaten Kurdsih fighters
ISIS releases a video to threaten Kurdsih fighters

Entitled “A Message in Blood”, the latest video produced by the expert activists of Islamic State is aimed at the Kurds fighting them in northern Iraq in alliance with the US air strikes.

It parades a group of Kurdish men who are said to be captured peshmerga fighters and who have all been put in orange jumpsuits. That detail is not the only way in which this video is reminiscent of the IS staging of their murder of the US journalist, James Foley.

The beheading of one of the Kurdish hostages is shown filmed from two angles. The main mosque in Mosul becomes visible behind.The screen is then split showing the hostage and his captors on one side and photos of Kurdish leaders meeting President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry on the other.

The jihadists threaten more such killings if the Kurds continue to ally themselves with the US.