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A Mother Figure To Take Care Of The Children Of Shahzad And Shama Bibi


Elizabeth Dildar with the children of Shazad and Shama Bibi

Children of Christian couple lynched over alleged blasphemy accusations receive care and love from a nanny.

Some time ago the grandfather and guardian of these children requested the British Pakistani Christian Association to provide him with someone to help with the care of the children, who could cook for them and could also help with homework at home and early learning for the kids. The BPCA therefore, got down to search for a nanny, who would cook, clean, wash clothes and provide a maternal presence for these children.

Seeing the weightiness of this job BPCA sought out Elizabeth Dildar and deployed her as their nanny. Elizabeth Dildar is from Lahore who is a born again Christian woman. She is a widow, who is a mother herself and knows how to nurture children. What’s more she is entirely devoted to helping these children, through love and care.

In this regard Elizabeth Dildar says,” These children are in need of love, they desperately need a mother figure, I am just happy to provide that type of role because when I think of the cruel manner in which the parents were taken away my heart cries.”

After the death of her husband she has been struggling for existence in this way will be able to use the salary from this job to raise her two sons as well. BPCA is paying her a fine salary for this job.

Elizabeth will be endowing these children with love care thus adding stability to their physical and spiritual growth. As her routine job she is supposed to arrive an hour before the children are required to go to school, checking school bags are correctly filled, lunch is made and uniforms are prepared correctly. Moreover, Elizabeth will be taking care of their other normal household chores but in most importantly and above all she will be offer them teaching of the Holy Scriptures will be give guidance whenever required.

Shahzad and Shamma, who were burnt alive in a brick kiln last year, had four children, who were 8, 5, 4 and 18 months old at the time of the incident. These children are now under the protection and care of their relatives however due to lack of resources their family is utterly unable to support their education. Nonetheless, the two oldest children are being provided free education since then, by Pakistan-based Christian cahrity Cecil and Iris Foundation.