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A Muslim Joins Jews To Create WE ARE ALL N Campaign To Save Iraqi Christians


A Muslim of Pakistani descent works with Jews to help save the Christians in Iraq.


A Muslim joins Jews to create We Are All N campaign
A Muslim joins Jews to create We Are All N campaign

Kasim Hafeez now living in Canada, a Muslim of Pakistani descent has joined a Jewish Human Rights Advocacy group B’nai Brith to create “We Are All N” campaign to create awareness of the mass execution of Christians in the Middle East, mostly at the hands of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), now called Islamic State IS.

He says, “It’s about raising awareness. People just don’t know; they have no clue about one of the most brutal things we’ve seen in a long time. They’re just butchering people – men, women, children, babies – they just don’t care. The problem with a group like ISIS is that it’s a global ideology, not some nationalistic movement that is contained. It’s a global Jihadist movement. We are talking about an ideology more destructive even than Nazism.”