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A Muslim Landlord Harrasing Christian Girl To Marry Him


HYDERABAD: A Landlord harassing a Christian girl to force her into marriage otherwise threatening to kill her.


Rising violence against women from minorities
Rising violence against women from minorities

A Christian girl resident of Padri Goth in vicinity of Sanghar, Sindh is reportedly being pestered by an influential landlord of Sanghar. The victim claims that he was forcing her to marry him or else he would kill her along with her family. She says that she has been hiding since then for her life from Danghar to Karachi, Lahore and Hyderabad.

While addressing press conference together with her aunt and Ramesh Kumar Gupta, a local lawyer, she chronicled three years of ordeal she had under gone due to persecution and threats from the landlord Ghulam Muhammad Kori of Sanghar.

She further revealed that,” her father was a driver and they were 7 sisters and brothers. She was staff nurse at Chiniot hospital Korangi, Karachi but the landlord Ghulam Muhammad hounded her there and tried to kidnap her. She left job due to fear of this man and remained out of job for 2 years. She said when she joined Liaquat National Hospital Karachi in 2012 this man reached there and started to harass her with threat to make life of her and her family like hell.”

She said on 26th of May, 2013 at her engagement ceremony held in her village Padri Goth, Ghualm Muhammad stormed along with police and forcibly carried her father and brothers with themselves releasing them latter on the condition if they finish off c her engagement. She said now,” he has started to claim that she was his wife. She made it clear that she is Christian and has never changed her religion and has never married him. She also said that now this man has filed a case of robbery against her.”

She urged Human Rights organizations and local authorities including Prime Minister, President of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Sindh to help her. Similarly, she called upon IG and DIG to facilitate her and help her get rid of offending Ghulam Muhammad who has been intimidating her.

While expressing grave concerns about the rising trend of harassing girls from minorities, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti Chairman of Pakistan Christian Congress reproached local authorities of overlooking gender-based violence against Hindus and Christians. He called to attention of concerned authorities to take immediate action to prevent such crimes besides; no action has been taken so far by authorities to prevent violence against minorities.