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A Muslim Man Beat A Christian Mother Brutally While She Defended Her Daughter From Him In A Rape Attempt


LAHORE: A Christian woman brutally beaten while defending her daughter during an attempted rape assault by a Muslim man.

A Muslim man beats a Christian woman during an attempted rape of her daughter
A Muslim man beat a Christian woman during an attempted rape of her daughter

According to media reports, the incident took place at around on December 6, 2014 when Shaheen along with her daughter, sister and niece was going back home from a factory when Khawar Khokhar reportedly started hurling abusive comments at her daughter and allegedly attempted to rape her daughter. The incident occurred at the Toka Wala Chowk in Satokitla, a village of Punjab province of Pakistan. Alarmed by the situation, Shaheen tried to prevent Khawar Khokhar from his evil intentions. Upon this unexpected interference Khawar became enraged and beat all of them with a cricket bat.

After bashing four of them, he forcibly tried to take Shaheen’s daughter away and mocked them to do whatever they wanted to. He held her daughter by hand and tried to take her away while Shaheen and her sister got in the way and prevented him from doing so. Khawar, infuriated by this obstruction and began beating Shaheen and her sister brutally causing sever injuries to both of them. Reportedly, Shaheen’s clothed were torn during the struggle and her arm bone and fingers were fractured as a result of the bashing. Her sister also sustained severe injuries. Shaheen was afterwards thrown on a pile of garbage in a very critical condition.

Alarmingly while the incident took place, no one came forward to help the women as the alleged perpetrator Khawar Khokhar is an influential man of the area and has a criminal history as well. The family of the victims protested joined by some rights activists and finally the police registered an FIR No.1124 against Khawar Khokhar. The FIR was registered under sections 337/5-6 and 354 Pakistan Penal Code on December 13, 2014 at the Police Station Satokitla.

Khawar Khokhar has not been arrested so far by the police, the victims are receiving threats to dislodge their complaint while the police seems reluctant to conduct fair investigations.