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A Muslim Man Requests For Rebuilding Of A Collapsed Church Building


SIALKOT: A Muslim appeals for the rebuilding of a damaged Church building in his village.



Church building collaspses in a village of Punjab
Church building collaspses in a village of Punjab

According to the details, a Church building in a village near Sialkot, collapsed and turned into rubble which has been overlooked by the concerned political leaders, who promised to re-build the Church building. Seeing the situation a Muslim man from the same village, Muhammad Ebadullah Bhalli wrote to PCP, requesting them to help the re-construction of the collapsed building.

He wrote as follows:
Ebadullah Bhalli
June 21,2013
Pakistan Christian Post,
Subject: – Christians needs help to rebuilt their Church
Respected Authority,
I am Muhammad Ebadullah Bhalli from Sialkot, The purpose of writing to you guys is that, we have a Christian community in our Village and their Church fell down some months before because of old structure.


During elections many people used them and promised new church building in response. So like every human they just believed those people and cast their votes in the favour of those people. Like it was expected, now they are delaying the construction of the church.


Their church will not take more than 2 Lac rupees but community cannot afford it and now they are begging to those groups who promised them before.


If you guys have funding for this nice purpose that would be great. If not, then please let me know where I should write for the help. I have not much money to help them but I think telling other people can be helpful for my Christian brothers.
Looking forward for your response. God bless us all!!
Ebadullah Bhalli

Ebadullah Bhalli’s concerns for his Christian fellows come as a beam of hope amid rising conflicts between Christians and Muslims in Punjab. Clear and understandable indicator that religious intolerance is not a norm still in certain sections of the Pakistan society where peace and harmony prevails.