A Muslim Sister Begs For the Life Of Her Christian Sister


LAHORE: A Muslim sister pleads for the life of her Christian sister.

Muslim convert to Christianity facing death threats
Muslim convert to Christianity facing death threats

In consistency with the details, a Muslim woman named Sumbal Shahid wrote to Christians in Pakistan beseeching the authorities through this forum to help protect and save the lives of her sister and brother-in-law. Sumbal Shahid belongs to a Muslim family whereas her youngest sister married a Christian man thus embracing Christianity as her faith.


Her brother, infuriated by this exceptional marriage, fancy to kill this newly convert and her husband along with his mother on the grounds that she lives with the Christian couple. The eldest sister states that there is a potential threat to their lives as the enraged brother threatened to wipe them off on 16th of August.

Sumbal Shahid’s plea reads as follows:
“Sumbal Shahid
mein aapko sab kuch tarteeb se batati ho
hum 3 bahnain aur 1 bhai hain
mere father ki death ho gaye thi meri shadi k bad
mere 3 bahan bhai mere se chutey hain
mein un sab mein bari ho
mera bhai police line mein constable ki job ker raha jo k muslim ha
meri aik chuti bahan muslim ha aur aik jo sab se chuti ha wo christian hai
meri chuti bahan ne aik christian larky se shadi ker li thi
lakin mera bhai is cheez ko accept nai ker raha tha
jo k kal us k ghar per gaya tha aur usey aur us k husband ko katal kerny ki bat ker raha tha aur muhley mein sab logo ko bata raha tha k meri bahan muslim ki ulad ha aur is ne christian larky se shadi ki ha aur jo k Wajib Ul Katal ha
meri maa jo ke meri chuti bahan aur us k khawand k sath rehti hain un ko bhi marna chahta ha
aur un per ilzam lagata ha k maa beti ne Bible ko jalany ka parcha kerwaya ha us per
aur un ko keh ker gaya ha k 16 tareekh ko un ko katal ker do ga
molvi bula ker aur media k samny fatwa jari karwaye ga”

The authorities concerned, and Christian leaders are therefore urged to look into this matter and be of assistance to save these precious lives.