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A Muslim woman succors Christian refugees displaced by ISIS


Canon Andrew White former Vicar of Baghdad, disclosed that a Muslim woman is actively helping Christians displaced by the terror group Islamic State. He said that one of although many charity groups are working in order to rehabilitate the displaced Christians this woman get credited for much of the work.

Persecuted Christians in Middle East

Canon Andrew White who heads a chief charity group is engaged in helping thousands of displaced Christians, revealed that Dr. Sarah Ahmed, who is an Iraqi dentist has been offering succor to the displaced Christians by providing them with clothes, medicine, food, hygiene supplies. At the same time she assists Yazidis, Muslims, Shebeks and others who have been displaced from their homes, suffering severely at the hands of ISIS.

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“She is there protecting all of the Iraqi Christians. You never hear anything about it in the news but you hear about the work I am doing. The work that I am doing is being done by a Muslim caring for the Christians. We think and hear about Islamic terrorism all the time. What about Islamic people working for the protection of Christians?”

Dr. Sarah Ahmed is director of operations for the White-founded Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, said that she travels across the country in order to that the needs of those susceptible and displaced refugees do not get overlooked.

“I am a very faithful person. I believe that with all the amount of [humanitarian work] that I have been doing and have been doing out of good faith in my heart and not for fame or money or anything, just out of my desire to help, I feel that God is always there for me and kind of protecting me and being around me to be able to reach all these areas and all these people.”

“I know what a lot of people say about Islam but my Islam that I believe in is a religion that is very peaceful and believes in helping others,” Dr. Sarah said. “You cannot sleep while your neighbor is hungry or suffering. You have to lend a hand. I believe that all Muslims and all people have to do something to give back to life and the fact that they are living.”