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A New Beginning For The Children Of Shahzad And Shama


The tragic death of Shahzad and Shama left their children unsure of what life had to offer. Aged between 18 months and 8 years, the children were without any form of support.

The Cecil and Iris Chaudry Foundation took charge of the children, two of them named Suleiman and Sonia. The foundation named after the veteran Pakistan Air Force fighter pilot is paying for the cost of the children’s education, uniforms, transport, tuition lessons and books.

“We are overjoyed to see these children not only enjoying school but also doing so well,” said Michelle Chaudhry, daughter of Iris and Cecil Chaudhry and president of the foundation.

“We thank all our supporters whose generosity has made this possible,” she added, “especially the group members of ISWMOKB and all our friends who have enabled us to contribute towards bringing about a positive change in the lives of these unfortunate children.”

The first term result of Suleiman and Sonia was celebrated by buying them new toys and coloring books and sweets. They scored an A+ and B respectively.

“Getting the poor, especially two small children who lost both parents tragically, thrown into the burning furnace of a red hot brick kiln on false charge of blasphemy, is very difficult,” said Fr Bonnie Mendes.

Despite this, “both kids are doing very well in their studies,” the priest said. The “Foundation is not just paying their fees, but giving them the love they miss so badly.”