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A new list of top 50 most dangerous countries for Christians shows persecution on record “highest” level


World Watch list 2016

Persecution of Christians across the globe reaches a record “highest level” according to a new 2016 World Watch List. (WWL)

News is that a new 2016 World Watch List emerges which shows an alarming number of African countries outnumbering the Middle Eastern countries on the list of countries where more Christians are being affected on the basis of figures and not in terms of severity.

Martyrdom of Christians and destruction of Churches doubled while only 4 of the top 10 most persecuting countries managed to rank among the 10 most violent countries. World Watch List 2016 states, “Open Doors USA predicted that while Christians faced the worst persecution in modern history in 2014, the worst was yet to com. The prediction was sadly fulfilled in 2015 — the persecution of Christians increased on every continent.”

This annual report is based on studies related to persecution incidents in 2015 on private, family, community, and national levels pertaining to the levels of violence, so that top 50 countries where “Christians face the most persecution.” could be ranked. The World Watch List is complied on the basis of data taken from reports from November 1, 2014, to October 31, 2015.

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The list shows more than 7,000 Christians were killed for their faith in 2015, (not including numbers from North Korea or Iraq and Syria), as accurately exact numbers were hard to obtain. Additionally, in 2015; 2,400 churches were either damaged or attacked across the globe.

The list of top persecuting countries included North Korea on top followed by Iraq on number two. While Eritrea ranked at number 3, Afghanistan ranked at number 4. Syria was ranked at number 5 in this list. Pakistan ranks at number 6, followed by Somalia at number 7. Sudan follows at number 8, while Iran comes at number 9. Libya ranks at number 10.

In terms of violence against Christians Nigeria and Pakistan remained on top of the list; followed by Iraq, Syria, Myanmar, Central African Republic, Egypt, Mexico, Sudan, and India.