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A New Tactic By ISIS: Torture Children To Force Thier Mothers Do What The Jihadists Want


Iraqi women escape ISIS's captivity

BAGHDAD: Another form of side by side torture that the women captives of ISIS have to undergo- the jihadists use their children to force them into extreme sex acts.

According to two young women who managed to escape the tormenting captivity of ISIS described an unthinkable brutality and horrific rapes they had to endure while under the control of their ISIS captors.

According to one of their captor reportedly invented a new way to force the captive woman to fulfil his sexual demands. The woman reveals the ISIS jihadits beat her 1-year-old child in front of her until all of his sexual demands were met.

Both of these women including 19-year-old Raheen and 25 year-old Barfo, shared their stories with international media with great anguish. As revealed by Raheen, she was happily married before being abducted from her home by the ISIS jihadists.

“I was auctioned off to a 50-year-old, ISIS fighter whom I was courageously able to keep away at the start until the jihadist started beating my 1-year-old son,” she said,” I was compelled to give in to all of his demands to save the life of my son,” she whimpered.

“I agreed to everything that this man wanted for the sake of my son,” she whined.

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She goes on to reveal that her jihadist captor subsequently locked her up in his home for the next 10 months. During the course of time, she desperately tried to stop the repeated rapes by appealing to her captor’s Islamic beliefs, but,” He said the sex trade among women is permitted,” she told.

“I want to leave Iraq. But I have nothing, no husband. I have no hope in this country,” Raheen said while sobbing. She now lives with her mother and brother in the Khanke refugee camp in Iraq.

Barfo, on the other hand had to face a similar ordeal says, “I tried to commit suicide with a gun but was stopped by my captor.” She further explains,” I was beaten so severely that I could not walk for two months.”